About Us


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Well Established – Our Company has been around since 1992, we are still going strong and continue to expand. We offer Administration support, great percentage earnings, Practice Nurses, After Hours services, visiting Specialists, amazing locations, Allied Health onsite, state-of-the-art equipment, full time HR team and Accounts Department, modern computers, specially selected support staff, flexible hours, IT support, on-site Pathology, solid patient bases.  We also welcome training of Students and Registrars.

Three Locations in North Queensland – We have three busy General Practices, two in Cairns and one in Townsville. The Townsville GP Superclinic, the most recent of our locations, being an exciting addition to the group.

Administration Team – Specifically appointed to assist our Professionals and support our Practices, we are a stand alone group put together to make the paperwork side of your working environment much easier, including the smooth processing of documentation on a day to day basis.  Consisting of a dedicated full time Accounts, Advertising, Stock, Payroll, Recruitment/Human Resources, Marketing, Training and IT team, this proves an ideal set up, with us  working in unison with Practices and Professionals.  This includes when enquiring to work with us initially, to the day you walk in the door and start, followed by the entire period you are with us and provide services at the location.  We like to develop a strong  ongoing working relationship with all our Professionals and Staff, this way we all continue to thrive in our environment.

The Doctors Recruitment Team – We are here to work hand in hand with Professionals and Staff, from the initial enquiry about a position we have vacant, to when they walk in the door to start.  We then continue the relationship with help at any time, in regard to all Recruitment and Human Resources requirements during your entire time with us.   Our friendly Professional’s Recruitment team above are Sharyn (CEO), Cherie (Human Resources/Staff Recruitment), Wendy (Doctor/Professional Recruitment).