Staff Vacancies

Senior Staff –  At times we require Senior Staff to increase our workforce or in replacement of a leaving Team member.  You will find the recruitment process a professional, however relaxed experience where we assess your suitability to fill the role and match the candidate in relation to our requirements regarding skills and experience.  All staff recruited are specifically assessed to meet the needs of our General Practices and Administration and every application is given an opportunity to be reviewed fairly and within appropriate Human Resources guidelines.  See the Current Staff Vacancies tab for all positions in this category needing to be filled. 

Support Staff Opportunities become available in relation to vacancies for support staff, including Receptionists, Nurses and Administration.  All applications will be assessed on their individual merit and suitability for the advertised role.  We expect the successful candidate to have the experience and skills required to support our Health Practitioners, take pride in their work, approaching each day with a helpful and friendly disposition.   See the Current Staff Vacancies tab for all positions in this category needing to be filled.