Who Are We?

The Doctors Recruitment is a dedicated HR team striving to provide the best quality Professionals and support Staff to our Practices, all located in North Queensland.  We have been around for some time and ‘know the ropes‘.  For Professionals we are happy to negotiate terms and dealing directly with us you will find there is no ‘middle man’.  We know Queensland and what it takes to be able to work here, whether you are from overseas, from the city or local, we are familiar with working in our State and also know you will love living here too, it is not always about working. you have to have a great work/life balance.  All enquiries are treated confidentially and we have a great Team that will help you every step of the way.

For Staff, we have vacancies at times which will be listed on this site and these include Nurses (RN and EEN), Managers, Administration, Receptionists, Translators and Cleaners.  We encourage applications from friendly, helpful and caring applicants that have a strong desire for a career in health support.