Professional Vacancies

General Practitioners – All potential future Practitioners are carefully screened at the interview stage, we like to get it right.  At times we will have vacancies become available due to a number of reasons including expanding our workforce/patient needs, current GP moving from the area to pursue another career path, overseas GPs returning to their home country after their agreed sign-up has concluded, family reasons, the list is endless.  However when we are looking for a replacement or new GP we like to know that we both have a mutual outlook for the future and that our relationship will be a positive and flourishing one.

Specialists – Our Clinics are suited and cater for either permanent or visiting Specialists, we welcome enquiries from interested parties, let us know what your plans are and we can go from there.

Allied Health – Is a great support mechanism in relation to quality and ongoing medicine, not to mention preventative health care to our patients.  This proves complimentary to our existing GP services we provide – we feel having Allied Health Practitioners at all our sites shows the promotion of well being and a group effort towards what we want for the future of our facilities, return custom.

  • Refer to Current Vacancy Notices for available positions
  • Terms are negotiable.
  • Call us today to discuss your expectations.
  • All enquiries will be treated confidentially.
  • Full time, Part time and Locum positions.