Variety Of Work

We know Health Professionals like to enjoy their day to day work and variety makes the days more interesting.  We encourage a wide range of the community (ages and gender) to utilise our services, this in turn creates diversity and allows our service to be well regarded in being able to cover and treat all types of medical issues.

You will find all our Practices have any number of presenting cases which include Family, Men’s and Women’s Health, Paediatrics, Aged Care, Nursing Clinics, Preventative Care, Mole and Skin checks, Procedural, minor urgent treatment, Tropical Medicine, Dive and Pre-employment, Workcover, Overseas insurance patients, General practice, as well as referrals to our visiting Specialists and onsite Allied Health.

Patients are appointed, with returning and ongoing health matters seen to, continuity of care our speciality, we also cater for phone aheads and walk-ins.